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A Place for the Soul Counseling

Creating space for healing in your space.

At A Place for the Soul we create a space for you to be heard, seen, and helped through counseling as an individual in your environment.


Anna Whited

I believe in a wholistic approach to counseling meaning that physical, mental, and spiritual aspects all affect the person and their outcome.  Further, thoughts have a significant impact on feelings and actions.  I strive to help clients develop healthy patterns of thinking and communication through a variety of intervention techniques.  

I work hard to create a space for your soul, the unique person you are to grow, to change, and most importantly to heal so that you can move into the next season with hope and the tools to handle whatever that season brings.


Life presents challenges for all of us in the variety of experiences we face as individuals.  I strive to create a space for clients to move towards hope and healing.  

Offering All Sessions Via Telehealth

Pre-marital counseling can help to set you and your significant other up for a lasting, healthy marriage.


I believe that work has a significant impact on one's personal life and their quality of life.  Because of this, I want to help clients take the next step towards an engaging, satisfying career.  

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